Write for dharma Drops Magazine


Looking to share your ideas? Look no further.

Are you a seasoned writer with a background in yoga? Or are you a non-yogi with something interesting to share? If you have something relevant, interesting, exciting, groundbreaking, or funny to offer to a broad audience of yogis and non-yogis, then we want to hear from you!

We are committed to creating a digital environment that builds community and celebrates the individuality of yogis and non-yogis alike. As Dharma Drops Magazine develops, we are in need of guest writers with unique voices to share their ideas with the world. In other words, we want this to be a platform for yogis and non-yogis alike who are interested a variety of topics either specifically related to yoga—or kinda sorta related to yoga. Heck, maybe not even related to yoga at all.

Swipe right or left? Are we a good match?

Before reading any further or sending your pitch, please keep a few things in mind:

  • At Rebecca Warfield Yoga and Dharma Drops, we take yoga seriously, but not ourselves. In other words, we live through the practice of yoga. However, we are committed to the fullness of the human experience. With that in mind, we believe that not everything has to be serious all of the time. And not everything has to be about yoga all of the time.

  • If you haven’t done so already, take some time to read through the current articles to get a sense of the tone here at Rebecca Warfield Yoga.

  • It will be worth your time to listen to the episodes of Dharma Drops (RWY’s podcast) to familiarize yourself with the “Yoga, Life, Whatever” mojo around these parts.

What we are looking for?

We are currently seeking articles that fit into various, broad categories. These categories are not designed to make you feel limited. Instead, we are looking for interesting, diverse, and entertaining perspectives within these topics, both about and not about yoga:

  • The True Life of a Yogi: Share your story. If you have had an interesting introduction to yoga, humorous experiences, learning lessons, or (we hope not) horror stories; we want to hear about it.

  • Yoga Lifestyles: This (very) broad category encompasses diet, exercise, fashion, and beyond. In what ways do you live your life as a yogi? Please keep in mind, we value diversity in lifestyles. This is not a platform to argue for or against one of lifestyle over another. Instead, this is a space to celebrate the different ways in which we can lives as yogis.

  • Yoga, Life, Whatever. Also known as “evergreen stories,” these are articles that are relevant today—and beyond. In other words, what do you have to say that people are always interested in? Food, recipes, work, relationships, travel, crafting, music, etc.

  • On Trend Topics: Unlike evergreen articles, these are pieces that are specifically relevant to current events, trending topics, recent television shows, etc. In short, these articles can be just about anything that is currently happening.

  • Creative Works: Showcase your talents. If you write poetry, create visual art, or have other interesting, creative endeavors; send ‘em our way!

Send Us Your Pitch!

If you feel you are a good fit for Dharma Drops Magazine, please submit a clear and concise pitch to rebecca@rebeccawarfield.com. Please include your proposed topic and a description. Additionally, please be prepared to potentially send a sample piece or links to other previously published work.

The Fine Print

If you are selected as a formal contributor, we will send you a style guide and other necessary information. In the meantime, please note the following:

  • Compensation: Currently, we cannot financially compensate writers. However, we will do our best to make sure your work is promoted, including links to your social media and personal website.

  • Tone: As mentioned above, take time to review the content at Rebecca Warfield Yoga. Though your work does not have to sound and feel identical to in-house content, we should have similar vibes.

  • Length: We live in an era of short attention spans, which means we have to be concise. Article should be between 300-850 words. We cannot publish anything longer than 850 words unless specific arrangements have been made.

  • Editing: We do reserve rights to make minor edits to your work to ensure readability. However, we are not an editing service. Formal contributors are expected to submit work that is free of errors.

  • Links: Other than your social media and personal website, we do not link to other articles or content outside of Rebecca Warfield Yoga.

  • Photos: Yes, yes, and yes! Original photos are more than welcome. Keep in mind, we may add the Rebecca Warfield logo or change the dimensions.

  • Originality: All content submitted to Rebecca Warfield Yoga must be original. It’s bad juju to recycle your work through different sites. As such, please do not send work that you have published elsewhere or have recently pitched to other magazines, blogs, or organizations.

  • Promotion: RWY is committed to promoting contributor’s articles as much as possible through social media and mailing lists. However, formal contributors will be expected to promote and share his or her article.