Feeding the Wild Life with Make Your Perfect!

Feeding the Wild Life with Make Your Perfect!


A 2-Week Course in Loving Your Wild, Crazy Life


Life is wild. It has ups and downs. Good times and bad. Things go right. Things go wrong. And sometimes, it’s just downright crazy af. But wild or not, this your life—the only one you get at this time and place in history. So it’s time to embrace the wildness, to cultivate the clarity to see this crazy life as a habitat for growth!

What we think, our lives become. As such, we get to choose how we define and see the wildness of our lives. Consider these two definitions of “wild":

  1. lacking discipline or restraint

  2. living or growing in the natural environment

Many of us connect with the first definition. And the negative connotation associated with this sort of “wild,” leaves us feeling scattered, overwhelmed, and burned out.

But what if you feed the wild life in new ways? What if you discovered that you have the ability to cultivate growth in the natural environment of your own, unique, and amazingly WILD life!

That, my friends, is what this two-week, fully online course explores: how to feed the wild life so we can enjoy our everyday experiences.

Over the course of two weeks, participants will receive:

  • Daily emails that include:

    • Mantras and intentions

    • Exclusive podcasts

    • Yoga classes for all levels

    • Guided meditations

    • Journal prompts + exercises

    • Self-care practices

    • Inspirational readings

    • And more!

  • Exclusive access to content via private course site

  • Enrollment in a private Facebook community for community, support, and fun

  • Ability to access content for life so you can return to the course any time life gets w.i.l.d.

  • 20% off all Exclusive Dharma Drops retail

  • Discounts on future RWY + Dharma Drops course offerings and online workshops

  • The ability to participate from anytime and anywhere

  • The option to participate as much or as little as you want

It’s getting wild up in here. And I can’t wait to share it all with you! 💕

***Course launches August 4! ***

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