Business Writing for Wellness Professionals

Business Writing for Wellness Professionals


Grow Your Business | Write Effectively | Effortlessly Create Content | Share Your Wisdom

• Fully online • Self-guided w/ weekly check-in sessions • Lifetime access to content •

Because this course is designed for small group and individualized attention, course registration is limited to 6 registrants. Registration opens only twice a year. Reserve your spot early.

***Course content opens September 30. Virtual meetings held October 2, 9, + 16***

I've been a college English teacher for 11 years, and I'm here to tell you one Truth: your business' written content is more than commas and pronouns. It's meaningful information that is designed to not just build your business, brand, and community. So how can you write in creative, compelling, and convincing ways that move beyond the anxieties of editing and into creating damn good content?

That's the question we will answer in my newly revised Business Writing for Wellness Professionals course.

Business Writing for Wellness Professionals is designed for industry leaders who want to take their business' written content to the next level using mindful and skillful practices. Whether you are an independent contractor or a studio owner, this course is designed to help you refine your writing skills so you can publish creative, effective, and convincing content for your business--with confidence.

The entirety of this course is online, including lectures, readings, and exercises. Additionally, we will meet on Wednesdays, October 2-16, 7:00pm-8:00pm EST. Upon registration, you will receive more information about how to access the course and join the meetings.

What's this course about?

Though most wellness professionals focus on health, lifestyle, and the body; the industry has arrived in the age of content, content, content. Between social media posts, blogs, newsletters, emails, class/workshop descriptions, training manuals, and everything in between; wellness professionals must possess high-level writing skills. The problem is writing isn't covered in teacher trainings and certification courses. And it's likely been a long time since you've had a formal writing class.

Throw in the fact that providing written content means more than just words on paper--it includes new mediums such as graphics, images, sound, video, linking, and more--writing is more complicated than ever before. The Writing Workshop for Wellness Professionals is designed to assist you in refining your written content to reach more clients, develop a voice, and, most importantly, build confidence.

This course is ALL LEVELS. You do not need prior writing experience.

In this course, you won't learn just writing skills. You will learn how to write for your business while building community and networking with other professionals. Over the course of three weeks, you will:

  • Use your own business as your personal case study. You will identify your target audience, purpose, and strategies to write compelling and creative content that meets the goals of your business.

  • Revisit writing practices from that long-ago English class, such as the writing process, rhetorical strategies, and more.

  • Consider ways to create relevance in your written content through industry trends and audience expectations.

  • Utilize collaborative methods such as workshops and peer review to assist each other in growing as writers and content providers.

Because we meet online, our conversations and topics will often be organic based upon your questions and needs. See images for full course curriculum.

Course registration limited to 6 participants + registration opens only twice per year. Enroll now to ensure your spot.

***Course content opens September 30. Virtual meetings held October 2, 9, + 16***

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