Dharma Drops Yoga Podcast Recap: Episode 4 Shootin' the Ayurvedic Shiitake with Logan Wagenseller


Shootin’ the Ayurvedic Shiitake

A Conversation with Logan Wagenseller

The shiitake is shootin’ around Dharma Drops lately. My initial plan was to interview someone here and there. But I’ve had a steady outpour of interest from folks who want to be on the show. So this month, I doubled up with guests. My first March episode featured Angela David. And I rolled right into another interview for this week’s episode. This time it was with yoga teacher Logan Wagenseller.

If you don’t feel good in your body, you can’t show up for your life.
— Logan Wagenseller

Logan sat down for about an hour (the longest Dharma Drops episode yet) to chat about Ayurveda. Ayurveda is the sister science to yoga. As Logan explains, it the science of “life and longevity.” Traditionally, Ayurvedic practitioners place emphasis on finding balance and harmony within the physical body. But this isn’t just for vanity’s sake. The Ayurvedic practitioner aims to balance the body so that he or she can then focus on spiritual endeavors. Or anything else, really. After all, as Logan taught me, if you don’t feel good in your body, you can’t show up for your life.

Logan covered significant Ayurvedic territory. I teach Ayurvedic yoga, and I harbor a generous amount knowledge about the practice. But Logan blew my mind with her discussion about the elements and how we can see them play out in our daily lives.

You’ll have to listen to the whole episode for the full conversation. However, here are the highlights.

Dharma Drops is Global: When we recorded, Dharma Drops officially had listeners in the U.S. and Australia. But as of today, Dharma Drops has reached listeners in Canada, Panama, Dominican Republic, Sweden, Brazil, and Ecuador!

Eternal Gratitude: As of publication, Dharma Drops’ listenership has quadrupled. I cannot thank you all enough for your support, listening, and sharing! If I had words to express my gratitude, I would. But all I can say is thank you from the bottom of my heart. It was a leap of faith to start this show and business. Thank you for believing in it—and me.

The Handmaid’s Tale: Logan and I lost power in the beginning of the episode. And life in 2019 without electricity feels pretty damn dystopian. Which, of course, in my normal stream of thoughts, led me to think about my favorite dystopian text, The Handmaid’s Tale. We chatted briefly about Atwood’s text and the Hulu show. Though I read the book in graduate school, I couldn’t finish Season 1 because it was too difficult to watch. But Logan is all caught up. Either way, we are both freaked out about the parallels between The Handmaid’s Tale and contemporary life for women. Though I think Logan handles it better than I do.

The Embarrassing Moments: I shared with Logan that I discovered a hole in the crotch of my yoga pants after teaching that morning. My deepest apologies to my class! Haha! Logan divulged a few funny moments from her recent classes. We agreed that everyday is an adventure teaching yoga. You never know what you are going to get.

Cats, Cats, Cats!: Logan lives with three cats. And they make a number of vicious cameos throughout the episode. In the previous episode, it was Angela’s dogs. I wonder what animal will appear in the next one?

These five elements of Nature are also found within us. And we as Ayurvedic practitioners, or humans in general, are known to be the Mini-Mes of the Earth.”
— Logan Wagenseller

Ayurveda and the Elements: The core of this episode is the discussion of Ayurveda. As Logan explains, Ayurveda is the science of life. Or in her words, Ayurveda is “the cultivation of how we live our daily lives.” Specifically, this is in relation to the five elements: ether, air, fire, water, and earth. She explains that the very nature we experience in the external world is also part of our physical and energetic makeup: “These five elements of Nature are also found within us. And we, as Ayurvedic practitioners, or humans in general, are known to be the Mini-Mes of the Earth.” Not only are the elements associated with personality characteristics, they are also related to our health and (dis)ease.

What I enjoyed the most about Logan’s conversation was that it didn’t just involve food. Ninety-nine percent of the time, when folks want to chat about Ayurveda, they bring up food. Sure, diet and nutrition are important aspects of the Ayurvedic practice. In fact, the food component of Ayurveda has contributed to my own life greatly. But it is also about how the elements shape our day-to-day through our behaviors and choices—in everything that we do.

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