Dharma Drops Podcast Ep. 17: 5 Ways Bold Ways to Amp Up Your Fitness Routine (Transcript)

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Intro:        00:01:59     This is Dharma Drops with your host, Rebecca Warfield. This podcast is a little bit about yoga, a little bit about life and a little bit about whatever. And just as a warning, this podcast is unscripted. So that means I might regret a few things that I say, but hey, maybe I'll say some pretty awesome stuff to remember. These are musings, not truths. Buckle up, giddy up, because here we go.

Rebecca:  00:02:29     Well, because that is not what we are off to a good start. And I am clanking my ice tea. It's about to be an epic episode of Dharma Drops podcast. Yeah, I have a feeling we're going to laugh a lot and we're going to laugh really loud and we already are. And everyone listening. I'm not cutting that intro out. They are probably like who are these banshees, and what are they doing? We don't know. Who the hell are you listening? Who am I? Who am I? That was Annie Carpenter's big question at her workshop is, Who am I?

Addie:      00:03:13     Oh my gosh.

Rebecca:  00:03:13     I know. So here we are full circle, but this is your host of Dharma Drops podcast. I don't know who I am, but they call me Rebecca Warfield. And I'm here with my friend, and my fellow yoga teacher, she's an artist. She's a Prana Pump creator. What else do you do? Oh, she was a cook.

Addie:      00:03:32     Oh, I love food. Yes. Oh yeah. Look, I love to cook

Rebecca:  00:03:35     And her name is Addie Joe Bannerman.

Addie:      00:03:37     Hey.

Rebecca:  00:03:37     How's it going, Addie Jo Jo?

Addie:      00:03:40     Great. Feeling awesome today. Sipping on our delicious mint green teas.

Rebecca:  00:03:47     It is really southern. I was just thinking, how 2019, yet southern. I come over with all my tech to record a podcast, would you like an ice tea? She says. It is like this nice iced mint tea in this little bistro table, so southern.

Addie:      00:04:05     Got to bring the tea. That is crazy.

Rebecca:  00:04:06     That's right. I know. It's good too. You said it is the Trader Joe's Moroccan...

Addie:      00:04:11     Moroccan Green Tea mint .

Rebecca:  00:04:12     It's really soo good. I am about to go get some.

Addie:      00:04:15     It's like $2 and something cents.

Rebecca:  00:04:17     Trader Joe's is where it's at. I kind of sort of forgotten about Trader Joe's a little bit. I don't know why. I just kind of did. I went back in the day, and I was, oh yeah, that's right. They make everything really easy.

Addie:      00:04:27     Really easy and everything tastes so good.

Rebecca:  00:04:29     I know. I love them. They're so nice in there. I know their business models really smart it and they treat their employees well. They pay them well. I heard that they worked their asses off, but that they pay them really well. I remember when Trader Joe's opened in Wilmington, and I heard what their employees were making. And it was far more than I was making teaching English full time at the university level. I was like, really? Come on. So way to go, Trader Joe's. We love you, and I love your little chocolate covered almond things with the salt. You know what I'm talking about?

Addie:      00:05:01     I know, girl, I can't buy them. There are a couple of things in Trader Joe's that I cannot buy. The almonds I can't have.

Rebecca: What else can't you have?

Addie: I like to be honest with you, the sunflower seed butter that they have, I will sit and eat, the entire container, and I'm not exaggerating when I say that. It says on the back, a serving is what, two tablespoons or something? I'm like, oh, psych! It's not true.

Rebecca: A serving is the whole fucking container. So my thing, and this isn't necessarily Trader Joe's, but I have to stop. I have to stop doing it, but I need to stop because it's not very healthy. I like to take a spoonful of Nutella and then I take that coconut whipped cream from the can. I think it's new. I spray it on top, you know what I'm talking about? Then I eat it like a sundae.

Addie: I didn’t know they had coconut whipped cream.

Rebecca: Oh, it is so good. It's over in the new refrigerator aisle, with the little cans that you hold upside down. People used to do whippets with them, or maybe they still do. I do not know. I personally don't do whippets with them, but I do eat the whole can of whipped cream. I'm not vegan or vegetarian, but the coconut whip cream is really good.

Addie: You know, like the vegan cheeses and even oh God, there's like this, coconut kefir that just came in. I haven't had it. It's delicious. it's absolutely delicious. I'm not vegan or vegetarian either, but I eat vegan cheese all the time. I actually really like the taste of it.

Rebecca: There is one by Daia. It's like a spreadable jalapeno one.

Addie: They have it a Trader Joe's. They have the Miyokos it's spreadable. It is kind of expensive, but it is so good.

Rebecca:  00:06:51     You know, I record a podcast with Ry from The New School Kitchen. early on when I first started Dharma Drops podcasts. And I really liked what she said about, you don't have to label yourself as anything, right? I'm not a vegan or vegetarian, but I like vegan stuff, and I eat vegetarian all the time. I just eat what my body needs. Yeah, absolutely. I'm kind of laughing inside because we're talking about food because everyone who's listening is probably like, why are they talking about food so much? Because that's how we bond. We've been bonding over food conversations for years and one time we were talking about how we talk about food all the time and it dawned on me that we were flipping through a food magazine.

Addie:      00:07:26     We were at the front desk at Longwave Yoga.

Rebecca:  00:07:31     This is just how it's going to go between you and me.

Addie:      00:07:34     It's just what it is.

Rebecca:  00:07:35     Talk about food. I mean and I'm totally cool with it.

Addie:      00:07:37     I'm hungry. Let's eat some snacks after this.

Rebecca:  00:07:40     I know crunch them in everyone's ears. So actually we're not here to talk about food but we probably will come back to it. So Addie Jo, you do a ton of things. You're an amazing artist. I mean it's unbelievable. Her artwork, she just won the Encore Best Female Artist of the Year Award here in Wilmington, North Carolina, which is a really big deal. You're also the creator of a brand of yoga called Prana Pump. Can you tell us a little bit about Prana Pump, just real quick?

Addie:      00:08:08     Yeah. Well first of all, you do realize you came up with the name in your class. The Prana Pump class.

Rebecca:  00:08:15     If anyone ever needs the title for anything, you should let me know. I love to name things.

Addie:      00:08:20     It is so perfect. And it was so funny because I think I remember you were in a lunge twist.

Rebecca:  00:08:26     Why was that?

Addie:      00:08:27     I think so. And you looked at me and you said, Addie Joe, you should call this Prana Pump.

Addie:      00:08:35     I was, Becky, you are brilliant.

Rebecca:  00:08:37     I mean, I try. So if someone were to go to a Prana Pump class, what would they expect?

Addie:      00:08:43     Okay, so Prana  Pump is not your typical yoga class for sure.

Rebecca:  00:08:49     It's awesome, it'll kick your ass.

Addie:      00:08:57     Yes, it is its own beast for sure. It's not like your pristine, warrior to an extended side, to reverse, to a goddess, kind of traditional vinyasa. It is not traditional. It's very much ass kicker.

Rebecca:  00:09:13     You can say ass kicker on this podcast.

Addie:      00:09:13     Yes it is an ass kicker. So it's yoga HIT and weights and it's all integrated in this one hour class. It's set in the same sequence as you would sequence a yoga class. So we work with the right side first, then we work with the left side. Sometimes it's a little bit different, but I started to develop this because I noticed a plateau in my yoga practice. It felt, whenever I went to a yoga class that I kept doing the same thing over and over and over again.

Rebecca:  00:09:49     You know what I just interrupted you, because it is how I roll. I was just thinking about how there's always room for progression in yoga. I think we always had applied to, and even in the most traditional forms that do the same series or same sequence every day. They had them in levels. Even Ashtanga, you move up a level and now you bring the intensity up and you're learning more advanced things. So that's cool because it's still sort of honoring that we have space to grow.

Addie:      00:10:19     Exactly. That's what Prana Pump is all about is just is growing. And about realizing that you kind of have plateaued and then busting through that wall and upping the ante. So it's a combination of yoga and high intensity interval training and weights.

Rebecca:  00:10:41     Yes. I remember, I can't remember what my legs were doing, but I remember holding a bolster over my head.

Addie: I’ve been doing this new thing lately in classes bolster slim burpees. Oh shoot. The people downstairs at Clean Eats are probably like, what the hell is going on? [inaudible]. So basically it's a burpee. And when they jumped forward, they grabbed the bolster by the handles and they lifted up and they slam it down, shoot. And then they plant their hands, jumped back to the burpee and then jumped forward, grabbed the bolster, lift it up.

Rebecca:  00:11:14     They put their hands on the bolster? I like that because actually I tend to avoid burpees when I work out because of my back and like getting my hands all the way down. If things just move too fast and I start to lose of my engagement a little bit. So having my hands on the bolster, that's a good idea. It's really nice. I like burpees with my hands on a weight. Yes. So I guess it is the same, you know, that's cool. And you're, when you have your hands lifted up a little bit more, you're able to really pull in your core and tuck in that pelvis and use your abdominals because you have a little bit more height. It's awesome.

Rebecca:  00:11:48     That's awesome. So I think this is a good segue then into our theme for the day. Yeah. We were talking sure about yoga a little bit because it says a yoga and a not yoga podcast, but you're really talking about fitness today, That's exciting. So I think before we started recording, when we talked about recording, you mentioned you have five ways. Tell me again what it is.

Addie:      00:12:13     So it's five bold ways to influence your workout. And with Prana Pump it's all about being bold. Because it is something that's very different. It's not your typical yoga class. It's not traditional. It's made to get you uncomfortable essentially. So five-o ways to influence your workout. I have, just to give you just a little bit of background, I was very fortunate to grow up with a family that was very active. We all played soccer. Even my parents played soccer.

Rebecca:  00:12:49     I didn't know that about you!

Addie:      00:12:52     Yeah, I played soccer all the time, in the off season of playing soccer, I would swim competitively. So I was just constantly, you know, playing sports of some kind and I would ride my bike everywhere. My Dad and I would go on runs around the neighborhood together. We were just very active and so my mom was a personal trainer and during middle school I would go after school to the gym and basically like wait for her to get off of work. And I fell in love with lifting weights. I fell in love with lifting weights and I was 14.

Rebecca:  00:13:33     I've been trying to love weight lifting for so long. Now. I will say when I was younger I liked things like, what's it called? Body Pump. Yeah. But now I just feel concerned about the pace of that stuff. Just my body has changed, but I'm not old, but I will be 37 this year and things are still a little bit different, you know? And I used to just, lift those weights as fast as I could. And now I don't know if I can do that anymore, you know? Maybe. Maybe I should try. You never know.

Addie:      00:14:00     You never know. So yeah, I really fell in love with fitness and I just kinda carried it with me throughout my entire life. I went through a little bit of a hiatus because my parents got divorced and it was really dramatic for me and I wasn't taking care of myself during that transition. I ended up picking it back up and have just held onto it ever since.

Rebecca:  00:14:25     Awesome. And you know, I think there's, it's nice to have that baseline from when you're younger. Like you like lifting weights. So you stop for a little bit, but you always have this thing you can come back to. And I have to remind myself of these things a lot too because I ebb and flow a lot, in things. There's a podcast by Rich Roll, I think, his name is, have you listened to Rich Roll’s podcast? It's pretty good. He's like a super athlete, ultra-marathoner and runs like a kabillion miles. And his wife is a yoga teacher. And in one episode his wife was on there, and she was talking about how we do ebb and flow and our bodies are ever changing. So sometimes you're going to be like a mad weightlifter, super in shape and sometimes you're not. And that's okay.

Addie:      00:15:08     And honoring that yes. And being okay with that. Yes. And that's what's really hard is we think that we have to consistently do the same thing all the time or we quote unquote fail, right? If we stop lifting weights and then we do yoga for a couple of years and it's like, Oh God, well maybe I shouldn't have done that. Maybe I should have stayed lifting weights or maybe I should have done something different. Why didn't I stay with it? Why couldn't I stay with it? That's not the case at all.

Rebecca:  00:15:34     I get like that about running sometimes, because the best shape of my life I've ever been in was that I ran all the time. But I think I've mentioned this on the podcast before. Even those in the best shape, I was not well, do you know what I mean? I was not overall well, but a lot of injuries. Other things were going on, you know? But then sometimes I'm like, damn, I should just kept running. It's the best shape I was in, you know? But I always come back to that. Our bodies just changed. They just do and our lives change and we can't expect to be what we were 10 years ago. If we were, how much would that suck?

Addie:      00:16:04     Oh my God, I do not want to go back to 10 years out. How much would it suck if we stayed the same and did the same things all the time?

Rebecca:  00:16:10     I know people say that “people don't change.” I know. I mean I hopefully we do, right. I hope we do.

Addie: Oh, I want to change.

Rebecca: Me too. Evolution is good. Yes, absolutely.

Addied: Adaptation.

Rebecca: Yeah. I feel like since we're talking about bold, it's a pretty damn bold move to just honor where you are. I don't even know if that's on your list, but it's on mine right now.

Addie:      00:16:36     It is so bold to let go of the ego and just be like, this is what's best for me right now. And it's okay that this is what's best for me right now.

Rebecca:  00:16:46     Yeah, it's tough. It isn't easy being bold and easy girl. We're going to do it anyway. Right? Okay. So what's number one on your list?

Addie:      00:16:53     So number one is let go of your self-limiting beliefs. So back to things that are hard, right? And these five bold ways are really, they're not easy, right? Not easy, but that's the point of them.

Rebecca:  00:17:08     You are going to be bold because it's not five easy ways. It's five bold ways.

Addie:      00:17:13     We're going to make you uncomfortable, that's for sure. So we all have these little phrases and little things that we tell ourselves that hold us back from our true potential and we make them up. And basically, the reason why we do that is because we're afraid of failure and it's a biological thing that we have, to do that because we don't want to put ourselves in situations where we could possibly fail. In order to do that, when you decide to start a workout, which is one of the other things we're going to talk about, once you decide. When you decide to work out or to start a fitness routine? You have to change your mind before you try to change your body.

Rebecca:  00:18:03     Oh, interesting. I just recorded a podcast with an old student of mine, Natalie. I haven't decided the order that they're coming out yet. So there's a possibility that Dharma Drops listeners have already heard that one or will hear it, but she talks a lot about mindset and fitness, that it starts with the mind.

Addie:      00:18:20     Everything. it's everything. And actually, one of my favorite Muhammad Ali quotes.

Rebecca:  00:18:27     Oh, doggie, doggie, hey!!! There are always doggies. And on Logan's episode, there was little cats meowing. We are animal, pet-friendly on Dharma Drops.

Addie:      00:18:40     But he says, "It isn't the mountains ahead, to climb, that wears out. It's the pebble in our shoe." And I just love that.

Rebecca:  00:18:53     That's a really good quote, because even on like the most simple level, if I literally think about having a pebble in my shoe, right? This little thing. It's the worst thing ever. If you take it out, this tiny little thing, you let it go, back on track.

Addie:      00:19:08     Exactly my self-limiting belief. And one thing that you can help to actually get rid of your self-limiting beliefs or to at least try to let go of them is being aware of them. It takes a lot of mindfulness to do this, but you have to kind of follow your thoughts and follow where they're going. Then once you notice one of those self-limiting beliefs coming up in your mind, then you have to change the pathway of it and you have to change it into something that's positive. And a way to do that is to actually ask yourself if that is true, if what you're saying to yourself, is this a hundred percent true in my life? A lot of these self-limiting beliefs are I am, I can't because I'm too overweight. I can't because I'm too underweight. I can't because I'm too old. I can't because I'm too young. I can't because I don't have the energy.

Rebecca:  00:20:06     I can't because I'm tired.

Addie:      00:20:09     Yeah, I can because I'm tired. I can't because I don't have time. Oh, that's a big one. Which is a huge one is a huge one. I can't because I don't have a gym membership. I can't because I don't have the equipment. I can't because a doctor told me I couldn't, I can't because my wife told me I can't. My father told me I can't, my mom, whatever it is, we all create this in our head.

Rebecca:  00:20:33     And it's perspective. So I was just recording. It's an exclusive podcast for people who purchased the Feeding the Wildlife course that I'm selling, which this is not a pitch. This is just really, I swear it goes right into the conversation and I was recording with Danny from Spiritual Junkies yesterday and she was talking about the importance of perspective. When we have these thoughts about like, I don't have enough time, to shift that perspective. Easier said than done, but rather than, than, cause I often say I can't because I don't have enough time. But if I shift the perspective and say I'm abundantly busy, right. But I actually do have 30 minutes. Yeah. You know, it helps, it gives me 30 minutes to do it.

Addie:      00:21:11     It does, it does. Shifting your perspective is so important and we have so much more control over our lives than we think we do or that we're aware of. And if we can just take the initiative and just say, I'm going to start writing my story. I'm going to take the pen and I'm going to start writing this shit. You know, I'm not going to let so-and-so tell me that I can't. I'm not going to let this hold me back. My weight hold me back. The fact that I'm small, hold me back, which is my self-limiting belief.

Rebecca:  00:21:49     The funny thing is, I don't think of you as small.

Addie:      00:21:50     The thing is whenever I was growing up, I was bullied really bad because of my size. Kids are such assholes. I know. If you have kids, they're asshole. I was always the last person picked like in dodge ball and hockey. And I was just constantly picked on by people for my size. I mean I am like a petite person. Sure. So I kind of grew up with this thing, oh, I'm too small to do big things. And so any time I'm faced with a heavy weight to lift or a Kettlebell that looks really big. I love kettlebells. They are my favorite. If I have to lift weights, that's what I want to do. I love kettlebells, so much. But if I see one that's big, I'm like, oh, I'm too small. That like ways half of me, there's no way I can do kettlebell swings with that kettlebell, because it's like half of me, if not more.

Rebecca:  00:22:53     And how tall are you?

Addie:      00:22:57     I'm five four.

Rebecca:  00:22:57     Yeah. You are. I mean you're short.

Addie:      00:23:01     I am short!

Rebecca:  00:23:01     There's people in the world who are small and they present themselves as small, but you have a larger-than-life persona. So I don't really think of you as small.

Addie:      00:23:12     And I think that it had to do with that I was picked on too much for being small, that I had to kind of develop this big, sense of self, for me, you know? So when I have that self-limiting belief come up in my head during a workout, then I have to shut it up. And it takes a lot of willpower.

Rebecca:  00:23:33     So how do you shut it up? What do you do?

Addie:      00:23:38     You Know Melissa Faye? She is in town. Yes. Hey, Melissa. Hey, girl!! And her and I have talked about this and I know that she's listening. She's like, oh yes, girl! But she likes to call her, negative self and I don't know if I'm explaining this right, Melissa, but when she has negative self-talk that's in her head, she likes to call it a name. And she calls her Cassandra.

Rebecca:  00:24:02     What's yours?

Addie:      00:24:06     Mine is Sasha. I know we are laughing, but this is actually a pretty good idea. Yeah.

Addie:      00:24:15     It's the same as like even in the yoga practice or meditation practice, when they say, label your thoughts, right. It's putting an identifier on it, that, that's not me. That's not real. And we're taught in yoga that, you are your thoughts, you are what you think. But really we tell ourselves a lot of shit that isn't true and we need to stop doing that.

Rebecca:  00:24:42     What do you think, mine?

Addie:      00:24:43     I think Vivian. Shut the fuck up, Viv. It's done Viv.

Rebecca:  00:24:44     Oh, that's a really good one. That is so good. I love that one. That's it. Yup.

Addie:      00:25:01     Again, we're like laughing about it. It's actually really smart because then also you don't have to get into all the story about it, right? Like, well, I feel this way because I'm small, because in third grade Julie would ever said this to me. It's just one word. Done.

Rebecca:  00:25:16     Done. So smart. Shut up Sasha.

Addie:      00:25:18     Shut up Viv. I'm using that kettlebell, watching me, girl. Watch me, Sasha. I'm on a scale. So good. So good. A little bit. So yeah, ask yourself if that's true. You know, like are you really too small to lift that kettlebell? No. Absolutely not. That's not true. I can go pick it up. Are you really too overweight to run? No. Run for a minute. It doesn't have to be to be something that is so drawn out. They can be so simple.

Rebecca:  00:25:54     This is really important, I think for no matter what. And I know that traditionally in the yoga practice, people practice for like an hour and a half or however long it takes to get through their sequence. But I talk about this all the time, doing things that are manageable. If it's not manageable for you to get up at five in the morning and do an hour workout, it's not going to work. It's not. So, but if it is manageable for you to go on a 10-minute walk on your lunch break, and that's where you're at in your life right now. That will work.

Addie:      00:26:23     Yes, absolutely. And that has to go with, you know, making time. Which is a huge one. And I hear it all the time. I don't have the time.

Rebecca:  00:26:34     I actually gave myself the whole story this morning. I was, don't have time to go to the gym, I have so much to do with the recording, Addie Joe, which you know what, I'm already going to be out of the house. I can drive right to the gym, stuffing my gym bag in the car.

Addie:      00:26:46     You told Viv.

Rebecca:  00:26:47     I didn't know her yet, but I told her. We just met, but I told her what’s up.

Addie:      00:26:53     And it doesn't, you don't have to have like all this fancy equipment. You don't have to have a gym membership. You don't have to have any sort of weight dumbbell. You don't even have to have a mat. You don't have to have any sort of equipment to get a good workout. That's right. You can just do, a EMOM workout, which is “every minute on the minute.” And you can set a timer for, five minutes, ten, minutes and each minute you do a different exercise and then you repeat it.

Rebecca:  00:27:24     Have you seen the Betty Rocker before? She's really cool. I've done some of her stuff before. I think her specialty is 15-minute workouts and you don't need anything.

Addie:      00:27:33     You don't need anything.

Rebecca:  00:27:34     You need just maybe shoes. Yeah. If you're outside or something and you don't need anything, it's like mostly stuff in place and it will kick your ass. And she's all tatted up and stuff. And that's why she's a Betty rocker, she's like kind of hardcore. She's awesome. And 15 minutes.

Addie:      00:27:51     If you do 20 squat jumps and then 10 burpees and then run stairs and then do 20 pushups and then do, a 30 second bicycle.

Rebecca:  00:28:07     Well, isn't there's some research too, and I'm not an expert on this at all, but I think I've seen some research that talks about how those 15 minute blasts of exercise are really good for you because it gets your heart working really hard.

Addie:      00:28:18     And that has to do with your epoch, which is, how do I get this right? It's excess post exercise, oxygen consumption. Yes. So this is basically has a lot to do with HIT. And HIT got really popular a few years ago because they really started to notice that this is how you speed up your metabolism, you burn the most calories and it's basically because if you think of your body as a car, so when you go on a very long trip and you get out of your car and the trip has ended, your car has to cool down, but it does it slowly. Your body does the same exact thing. And also if you think of your body as an engine when you're trying to warm up that engine, if it's really cold outside for example, and you're out there trying to warm up that engine and you go out there and you turn the car on, if you just let it sit, for a while, it will eventually show up. But what if you go out there and you rev it, right? Right. It's going to get faster or hotter, than faster. And so that's basically what HIT does. And it's basically has to do with your oxygen depletion and your metabolism. Having to work hard to get your oxygen back to its homeostasis. Basically, it's like natural state in your muscles so that you can recover. And they've done tons of research with us on how effective short little bursts of workouts are. So this 15 minute workout you're talking about, it's all you need. Yeah. It's all you need, and you don't need weights. You don't need equipment. Get your heart rate up, take it back down, get it up again, take it back down. Just rev that engine. It's awesome.

Rebecca:  00:30:03     Yeah. And so manageable.

Addie:      00:30:05     So manageable. Get up 15 minutes earlier. Yeah, sometimes too. It's not even for me getting up 15 minutes earlier. Where am I wasting 15 minutes in my day? There is a lot of time where I'm, oh really, because I just got sucked into Instagram for 30 minutes doing nothing. Social media sucks so much time out of our days. Or, I'm going to watch one episode of Forensic Files and then Five later, you know, come on. Where can you fit it in? And not only that, but you're going to get rid of some other things in your life that maybe aren't really feeding you the way that the nice workout would.

Rebecca:  00:30:43     So you're telling me that murder stories don't feed me then same way...?

Addie:      00:30:51     Cause you love that murder podcast.

Rebecca:  00:30:52     I like My Favorite Murder.

Addie: Yeah. I have a friend, her name is Lindsey. If you're listening, Lindsey, hey. She loves that podcast too. And she said that she was just at the vet the other day and they have a bumper sticker. What is the...?

Rebecca:  00:31:11     Stay sexy, don't get murdered.

Addie:      00:31:12     That's it. Yeah. And then she said she saw the sticker on the car and she freaked out on the woman was, I love your podcast. They're amazing. They love yoga too. That's awesome. It's so good. And that's great. And if you're listening out there, Karen and Georgia, please just say, Dharma Drops podcast on one of your episodes. That's all I'm asking. Just take it, bring, help me take it to the next level. Next level. Hey, do it. Do it. So number one is to change your mindset.

Rebecca: Tell Vivian to shut the fuck up. Okay. Number two.

Addie:      00:31:47     Number two is, and I hear this all the time too, you're never going to be quote unquote ready. You are never going. I hear it all the time. Especially because Prana Pump is something that can be intimidating to people because it is something that's so new.

Rebecca:  00:32:05     And especially given that most people are used to a traditional the vinyasa that is offered in yoga studios.

Addie:      00:32:13     So people are more, you know, more used to the vinyasa style of yoga. So adding HIIT--not only just HIIT--but also weights to a practice. They're like, Whoa, wait a minute. So it is intimidating. So I do hear this often where it's like, oh well I need to wait until I finish this new project I'm working on. Or oh I need to wait until I get a little bit more upper body strength before I start.

Rebecca:  00:32:42     Do you know what I hear from teachers all the time, I have to wait for this semester to end or I have to wait for this school year to end. Yes, I hear, because you know, I'm a teacher of course of the English language. I hear teachers say that, all the time. I'm going to come to your class as soon as the semester ends. And in the next semester I'm going to come to your class as soon as the semester ends. And now it's been five years.

Addie:      00:33:07     Yes. That's a huge one. There's always something that we are going to attach ourselves to that's going to make us not do it. There's going to be some sort of excuse yep. That we're always going to attach to.

Rebecca:  00:33:19     That's how I feel every year at the holidays I'm going to eat healthy as soon as Halloween's over, and then as soon as Thanksgiving's over and then as soon as Christmas. Okay. After the new year. Well, it's Valentine's Day, shit, now it's Easter.

Addie:      00:33:34     Oh, well then it's like a new excuse, but same theme. Yes. So that's a huge one. You have to start by starting, which is the hardest part. It's so hard to just start.

Rebecca:  00:33:48     It's so hard to start. You know, I forget. I was listening to a podcast with, I don't even know, it might have been Eddie Modestini. He's a yoga teacher. I can't remember exactly who it was, but I think it was on the podcast, Yoga Revealed and whoever they were interviewing was saying that their teacher, who may have been Ion Gar. Mr. Ion Gar, as they call him. Gosh, I wish I remember who it was. If you're listening and you know what I'm talking about, let me know. But in any case, whoever they were talking to said that basically some mornings you just don't feel like doing shit. You get on your yoga mat, you do one pose, one pose turns into two, two poses turns into three. Three poses turns into four, and then the next thing you know, you're done. You know? So starting is the hardest part.

Addie:      00:34:32     Yes. It's so hard, but once you do it, it becomes habitual. Right. You know, once you start, it's like, oh, okay. I did it once. Okay, maybe I'll try it again tomorrow. Oh, okay. I did it again the next day. Maybe I'll do this again the next day. And then it kind of just, you're able to embed it into your routine once you just start. But the starting, it's like first, it's like we're waiting for, and this is anything in life. It's not even just a workout, you know, it's anything in life. It's like we're waiting for like the readiness fairy to come and grant us readiness. And it's like…

Rebecca: I have the best image right now. So you're just breaking, crushing my dreams and there's no readiness fairy. She's dead with the tooth fairy.

Addie:      00:35:25     I'm sorry there’s no readiness fairy. One day I'll dress up as a fairy for you. You're ready. Yeah. That's number two. You have to just start, you're never going to be quote, unquote ready, to your standard. You just, you just have to start. And that's really hard.

Rebecca: You know, every time I feel, I don't want to do this today, whether it's my yoga practice or exercise, it's that day that I have the best workout or the best yoga practice. It's the days when I'm like, I'm pumped. I'm going to go do this, I'm going to exercise for an hour, that in five minutes I'm like, oh my God, I'm so tired, I got to get out of here. And the days that I'm like, I can't do it, are actually the days I feel really amazing. And even whenever you go into your workout and you're tired, you come out feeling, so much better. And with so much more energy because you've just given yourself this big burst of energy throughout your entire body by working so hard and getting your heart rate up.

Addie:      00:36:28     I also wonder too, if it's part of the mindset and overcoming that mindset, oh, I can't today I'm so tired. And when you suddenly realize, oh I can, you just feel a lot better.

Rebecca:  00:36:40     It's not too often. I felt worse after a workout, every once in a while, when my back was acting up or something. Every once I'm, oh God, but I can't think of a time that I ever said to myself after a workout, man, I really regret that. I worked out today. I've never felt regret. Sometimes I felt like we should have paid more attention to my back, or something. But, I always feel better.

Addie: Just start people. Just start, just start. You can do it.

Rebecca:  00:37:08     Okay. So we have, let go of your self-limiting beliefs. What was the second one?

Addie:      00:37:13     You're never going to be ready. Just do it.

Rebecca:  00:37:15     You're never going to be ready. Just do it. Yes. Okay. Number three.

Addie:      00:37:19     Number three. So you have to set goals. You have to set goals and don't base your goals on image or a number.

Rebecca:  00:37:32     See this is important because I feel like sometimes, I say I'm just going to do it because I feel better, which is nice, but that's not a real goal and I can't stick with that. Because then I can get too wrapped up and will have too many other things to do right now, I don't have time to feel better. If I weigh myself, and it's a fucking shit show, out there. So what are some goals that you recommend setting?

Addie:      00:37:56     So figure out mentally what you want to achieve. So if you were looking to have more discipline, have more endurance, stress relief, go take yoga. Mindfulness, go take yoga. If you're looking for self-defense, ooh, that's cool go take a kickboxing class. That you take, right?

Rebecca:  00:38:19     Well I haven't lately, but I was taking a lot of kickboxing, which I love. It's super fun.

Addie: Jujitsu. Figure out something that you need internally to better yourself and your mind and then have your workout, compliment that.

Rebecca:  00:38:35     I like that because then it's a contribution to your overall life. You know, it's not just like, oh cool, now my biceps are bigger, which is nice if that's what you want. But like you said, don't attach it to image. It's something that actually serves you.

Addie: Yes. Day to day. Yes. And a lot of the time, and unfortunately most of the time it's women. They come into the gym and they, you know, and I've heard this before, they say, you know, I want, I want the thin waist, I want to lose this much weight. I want toned arms, I want the six pack, whatever. And then they go out onto the floor or they go to a circuit class and they see the girls that are, like that. And then what ends up happening? The scoffs, the eye rolls. It's almost like, ugh, look at that girl over there. She's like doing everything perfect. Comparisons defeat the joy. But that's what you're striving to get. So instead of feeling that way towards that person, go up to them and ask them what they do. Then be someone who instills like some knowledge for you to help stimulate your mind and help you, write your goals instead of having it be like an enemy almost.

Rebecca:  00:39:53     Unfortunately, I do think women are a little guilty of that. I hope that's changing. I feel like the bonds between women, there's been a big movement to change that and I think it is happening, but you know, habits die hard. I was just thinking too, one thing that I tried to get out of the habit of is looking at other women, whose bodies I will never have, not because there's rights and wrong. Because I'm never going to be five, four in your size. I'm not, I'm fine. It's never going to happen. And so I just think it's important not to think, I can never look like her. But you can, with the best version of yourself.

Addie:      00:39:56     Exactly. And I think a lot of that can steep into yoga practice too because we're so enamored with the handstands and the hollow backs, and the pikes and the balancing on the hands and the head upside down, feet here. I like all these crazy pretzel-y poses. Whenever I first started a yoga practice, there were times when I felt that way. I was like, why can't I do handstands? But I didn't want to talk to the girl about it because I felt like inferior. And if I had just like gone up to her and like asked her pointers, it could have like led me to that practice. And I guarantee you that that person didn't just waltz up into the gym. Nope. Waltz up into the yoga studio and all of a sudden after like five minutes, or maybe even not, even five minutes, be able to stand on their hands or be able to, lift that much weight.

Rebecca: Every once in a while, someone comes into my class and they can, but then there’re, “oh, I was a gymnast.” This whole other lifetime of work.

Addie:      00:41:51     Like it takes hard work and it takes a long time. Yeah. And it takes a lot of dedication and it also doesn't matter. It also doesn't matter. You know, at the end of the day, who gives a shit, you can do a handstand? Or who gives a shit if you can lift 500 pounds or whatever? Are you feeling good in your body right now?

Rebecca:  00:42:13     Yes, exactly. And I feel like I should backtrack a little bit because I was talking about things like image, which I know is not the most important thing. Like I was saying, you know, I'll never look like you. That image part, it doesn't matter. It just doesn't matter. Can I feel good today? Can I enjoy my experiences today? Can I be the best version of myself today? Image aside.

Addie:      00:42:34     If I can feel good on the inside and work on what I need mentally and have my workout be complimentary to that, I'm going to gain so much more from that. Than if I were to just walk into the gym and be like, okay, I want to stand on my hands now. Or okay, I'm going to go lift all that weight now. Or okay I'm going to lose 20 pounds now or I'm going to have a six pack of abs now. That doesn't make me feel good.

Rebecca:  00:43:03     And it goes back to what I was saying before, that when I was running all the time, I may have looked my best, did not feel my best. I'm much more well and overall healthy now, even though I don't quote look as, well, I'm still [inaudible 00:43:17] that I just, maybe my jeans aren't quite as small anymore. But overall much healthier in lots of different ways. Not just mentally, but even my blood work came back healthier. My diet is actually healthier. Sure. I could run seven miles or whatever every day if I wanted to, but I was also eating terribly all the time. You know, it's all a balance and I think that we can be so attached to the image nowadays, especially women through media. Especially.

Addie:      00:43:47     But you know, men too. I read a really interesting article, years ago. They referenced Hugh Jackman in Wolverine as this new, I don't know if it's new, but at least they're talking about it now. Men's body image issues and that there are more men who are suffering and coming forward with eating disorders and body image issues than before. Because now there's all this CGI with like dudes with like six packs. I mean all this stuff, and maybe it existed before, it just wasn't being spoken of. So men and women.

Rebecca:  00:44:21     I have heard that from men too that it's like, well it's hard for men to, I mean, you know, we're expected to have the big chest and the big shoulders and you know, the sharp jaw line and this [inaudible 00:44:31] Told her, can enhance some kind of thing and the six pack and all this.

Addie: So I can see it being an issue for them as well, just in our whole culture. It's just so saturated with all of these touched up images that we've gotten so much better about it. Especially I love Target. Seeing Targets, photos, that they've put, at the end pews, the aisle pews.

Rebecca:  00:44:56     I haven't been in a while.

Addie:      00:44:57     None of the images are touched up. It's such a beautiful layout to me.

Rebecca:  00:45:03     I know men struggle with this stuff, for 10 million years, women's values been placed upon their bodies. So, you know, I'm glad things are changing.

Addie:      00:45:13     Yes me too. It's on the up and up.

Rebecca:  00:45:15     It is on the up and up. Yes. Yeah girl. That's right girl. Okay, so number one was, let go self-limiting  beliefs. Number two was tell me again, never going to be ready, got to do it. They're never going to be ready. You got to do it. Number three, set goals. And don't base them on body image. We're a number. Yes, yes. You know, a long time ago, Aaron, that's actually how I became a yoga teacher. Aaron did this whole New Year's resolution goal thing, where we would like pick measurable goals. And one of mine was to do 30 days of yoga, which turned into yoga teacher training. And here I am, but I also liked having some other goals, like to do one pull up. Or like, to be able to do a hundred squats or whatever, just think these sorts of measurable, tangible goals. Ones that are, actually ones that you can achieve.

Addie:      00:46:12     Yes, because we tend to make goals that are just not reachable at the time. Maybe later on, but at our moment in time, like I could not right now go run a marathon. I wouldn't be able to do that. So just setting a goal for that for me, would be a measurable way. Is it exactly, is a measurable goal?

Addie:      00:46:34     Yeah. So just making it one that you can actually achieve because once you achieve that goal, then you're like, Oh hell yeah, I'm going to make another goal. A good example of that is, my current goal, well, it was, my goal, and I just achieved, so I have. The goal was to be able to do a pull up. That was one of my goals. [inaudible 00:46:52] other stuff though. Hard to do. For some reason, my body and my mind, I just can't. It was so hard. And so I was like, you know what? I'm not going to do pull ups for a while. I'm just really going to focus on strengthening my lats, strengthening my shoulders, my delts, you know, really just working on strengthening those areas. And my boyfriend brought over a pull up bar and I did a workout at home and I was like, you know what? I'm going to go try. I'm going to go try to see if I can do a pull up. Girl, I ended up doing two sets of five. From the ground, all the way up, pulling myself all the way up and then coming all the way down and I was, oh my God, I achieved that goal. It's amazing, you know? And it taught me mentally, just take your time. You're not going to get there immediately, but put in the work, strengthen the other areas.

Rebecca:  00:47:52     Put in the work. Maybe that's the most important thing. And I think it [inaudible 00:47:54] all the time to them developing a business, doing all this stuff, that you can set goals, you can ask the universe, you can call it manifesting. But all that does is inspire efforts that, I set these goals, I want to reach as many downloads on my podcast this month. Well cool, we can set the goal now, how are you going to do exactly right. Exactly. And it holds you accountable. Yep. Totally. And then so once you get that goal, you're like, man, that's from all my hard work. It is so powerful. It's awesome. So now my next goal is I want to do a muscle up.

Addie:      00:48:28     I don't know what that is.

Rebecca:  00:48:28     So you basically, it's… a doggy is scratching.

Addie:      00:48:35     Little jingles. [laughing]

Rebecca:  00:48:36     Yeah. So a muscle up, you basically, lift yourself up. It's almost kind of like a pull up, but then you push yourself all the way out, it's just the bars underneath you.

Addie:      00:48:47     Interesting. I want to do one of those.

Rebecca:  00:48:50     I have very little pulling strength in my body and that yogis, that's one of the only things yoga doesn't do. Aaron's always talking about this. It's like talking about functional movement. Whatever you're dangling off a cliff and you have to pull yourself up, push and pull. There's a lot of push and pull and it's tricky.

Addie:      00:49:06     Yeah. That's why we have other forms of exercise. Is that a goal you want to achieve? Well, maybe go try something else and get uncomfortable. That's where you never know.

Rebecca: So that was number we just did three, four. What are we on?

Addie:      00:49:23     We are on four. It's a great segue because I just said get uncomfortable and now it's number four. Perfect. So, in order for us to find this growth and to achieve those goals, we're going to have to get uncomfortable. And putting ourselves in those situations where we have to hold ourselves accountable isn't necessarily a very comfortable thing. Where we have to face these things, face our limitations that we put on ourselves. And be honest and say, I really, me saying that I don't have enough time, it's not an excuse. I should make more time. And like being honest with yourself in that way, it's not comfortable to do that. It's really not. So getting ourselves to that point where we can be honest with ourselves and we can put ourselves in that situation where we can start to achieve our goals. It's not a comfortable thing. So this is something that, and I cannot remember, the fitness expert, I was listening to a podcast. It's called the Model Health Show. Have you listened to them?

Rebecca:  00:50:30     No.

Addie:      00:50:34     I'm obsessed, Shawn, if you're listening. Oh my God. Such a real podcast. So inspiring and you learn so much from it and I just really adore it. So there was this fitness expert on there and he was talking about the two H's and the two B's. And this really helped me in my workouts because it helped me get to that point where I was uncomfortable. So the two H's, is heat and heavy. The two B's is burn and breath. And in order to get ourselves to the point where we want to speed up our metabolism and we want to work hard and we want to get our heart rate up to where it should be so that we can burn the calories even after [inaudible 00:51:17] which has to do with epochs, which we were talking about earlier. Um, we have to get ourselves to these two H's and these two B's. So heat and heavy, heat and heavy, burn and breath, burn and breath. So the two H's - heat, of course you have to get hot enough, get your body warm enough to where you're sweating. Seems simple enough. But I'll be teaching a class or I'll be in a class and I'll see people in there that they are not, they not sweating. There is never mean. They are [inaudible 00:51:47]

Rebecca:  00:51:47     just so you know, I sweat everywhere I go, all the time.

Addie:      00:51:50     I can think about sweating and I'll start to. The funny thing about me though, is before I started Practicing Prana Pump, I wasn't like that. Once I started really integrating a HIT workout into my routine and lifting heavier. It's like I just sweat so much all the time.

Rebecca:  00:52:09     I remember my sister telling me a long time ago, because she used to run marathons. That people who were on at a certain level of fitness will sweat a little easier. I don't know if that's true. I do not have any research about that. So if you're listening, don't go around telling everyone and like this is truth because everything I say is music. [inaudible 00:52:30] no idea. So I just remember my sister telling me that. I mean I'm just hot natured. I'll sweat all the time. Yeah. It's never me in the classes, not sweating. I'm so sweaty. Oh it's so sweaty. I'm like dripping down my arm.

Addie:      00:52:44     And sweating is not beautiful. Oh mine's not either. I'm not a glistener. I don't glitter here girl. No, I am soggy, girl. I get soggy. It is not a cute sweat. No, but I'm putting in the work, that's for sure. So that heat is important, sweat. Heavy, what you're doing, you should get your body to the point where the workout that you're doing or the exercise that you're doing, your body actually feels heavy.

Rebecca:  00:53:13     So That's interesting.

Addie:      00:53:14     So if you're doing squats, if you just do 10 squats, but after those 10 you still don't feel like pressing your legs up straight, that your body was heavy. You do more, after Annie Carpenter’s workshop, we did like three and a half hours of back extensions. It was crazy. And I texted Angela later that night, I was like, I think my arms weigh 300 pounds. Maybe that's what they mean by heavy. Like literally though my arms, I can't lift them. That's a lot of back bending. It was amazing though.

Addie:      00:53:50     I bet it was really amazing.

Rebecca:  00:53:52     But my arm is weighed 300 pounds and the next day we did a three hour yoga practice two times, so six hours. And then my legs were like a thousand pounds, exhausted.

Addie: So that's, yeah. So that's part of the heavy as well. So just go into that point where you feel like your body is heavy. And then the two B's one is burned. So you should feel a burn in your muscles. So instead of, coming into, I mean even you bring it into a yoga practice. If you're an extended side angle and you're not bending that front knee enough, because you're resisting that burn. Go into it, go into that burn, go into it, you're going to build so much more strength. And then breath. So in order to get yourself to that level, making yourself out of breath.

Rebecca: I also really like the how much the fitness communities are talking about breathing. Yes. I mean obviously breathing is important but I feel like more in the last few years, I have heard so many fitness professionals talk about breathing and the quality of breathing.

Addie:      00:54:56     And I've noticed that in the classes that I've taken, like the circuit training classes that the fitness instructors are saying, breathe. Don't forget to breathe. Or they'll even cue, inhale to go down, exhale to press up. Or vice versa. Even at UNCW where I teach yoga, I'm zoom bar and ballet fitness. They added a whole section to their textbook for the PED one-on-one classes about breath. So I think fitness people and professionals for a long time knew this, but it's coming into like mainstream everyday workout stuff, which is really important.

Rebecca:  00:55:36     I will find myself in ballet when we're balancing and suddenly when we're not balancing, I'm like, because I have not taken a breath.

Addie:      00:55:42     I do the same thing. The same thing, especially when I'm doing pushups, I noticed that I hold my breath when I'm doing pushups and I have to be mindful of that. It's hard.

Rebecca: Yeah. It's hard. But if you get the breath right, it can help you in the experience.

Addie:      00:55:57     It can. That exhale activates the core. That exhale, that Sadie Nardini, that fierce exhale. Oh I love that. What’s it's, like, you want to hear that exhale. You want to activate that and squeeze that core in and, and that's what's going to give you so much more power.

Rebecca: And I don't know a lot about lifting heavy weights, but if you go into a gym, you hear those guys and lifting heavy weights and they're making these grunting sounds, but that's still their breath.

Addie: It's incredible. It's awesome. The breath is so important. I feel like we can talk about breath for a whole hour.

Rebecca:  00:56:35     We can. We can do whatever we want.

Addie:      00:56:43     Geeking out, these two yoga teachers geeking out. We don't grow. If we stay in the same place we have to get out of that comfort zone and those two H's in those two B's can help you get to that point. If we say, do you know, if we keep doing the same poses, we're going to plateau. If we keep doing the same amount of squats, you're not going to gain more strength. You have to get to that point where you keep pushing yourself and you stay just being uncomfortable. And in that process, you're going to learn so much about yourself.

Rebecca:  00:57:13     I was just going to say that.

Addie:      00:57:15     And you're going to be amazing, amazed at what your body can do. That's why I started teaching Prana Pump to my students in the first place, because I started Prana Pump, because I felt like I was plateauing in my yoga practice, I was, hmm, well, I love lifting weights. Why don't I go buy a set of weights from the Target or Wally World. And why don't I just incorporate that into it and see what happens? And then I started incorporating the HIT and Becky, my strength grew so quickly, to the point where it exceeded any other workout program that I'd ever practice before. My warm up started to be, what I started working out with, in the beginning.

Rebecca:  00:58:10     I think I remember you telling me about this. That just watching the growth, and that you kind of started off small and then it just continued to expand into this like long exercise routine.

Addie:      00:58:23     Yeah. And I started to become amazed at what my body could do. And in that I developed this very deep self-love that I hadn't had before of my body. And just loving my body and respecting my body and having more of a bodily acceptance. Because I'm always picked on for being small. And so for me, gaining muscle is really hard. It's always been a goal for me to gain muscle. And so, just to be strong, I just want to be strong. I want to be able to like kick someone off me, if I need to kick, someone off me, I want to be able to…

Rebecca:  00:58:55     Stay sexy, don't get murdered.

Addie   :    00:59:00     I want to be able to, to handle myself. I want to be able to take care of myself and to be strong. And so, I wanted to offer that to my students. And after I started teaching it at the studio, students started telling me the same thing and they started sending me messages. I'm so strong now, I feel, I can't believe that I'm able to do this, now. I wasn't able to do this. And the most important thing that I got from those messages, they always told me, I just feel like I love myself more than, so that is what Prana Pump is all about. It's not about a body image of whatsoever. It is not about a number. It is not about staying the same. It's about busting through that comfort zone. And in that process, you're just going to. You're going to be a badass beast. You better believe it. And you're going to believe it. You're going to believe it and you're going to see it and it's going to steep into your life, in so many positive ways that you're going to carry with you throughout every single day. And it's so powerful. It's amazing. There was this one student that I had. Her message, it put me to tears actually. She would come to Prana Pump and she would come from work. And you know in the dressing room there's a mirror. So she would change out of her work clothes before class, and then she would put on her yoga clothes, she would go to take class. Then she'd come back after class and she would change into her work clothes again. And she said that before she stepped into the room to practice Prana Pump, she would always look in the mirror, that was in that changing room, and she would judge herself. For how she looked. And after class she would come back in that same changing room and change into her work clothes. And she said she would look at herself and she would be like, wow, I'm so grateful for my body and I'm so grateful that I can do these things and I'm so strong. And so it's like, do you see what I just did? Like I am so strong. And that's what it's like.

Addie:      01:01:15     If I can do that for one person then job well done. My life is complete.

Rebecca:  01:01:21     You know, I was backstage at a performance I was in. I guess it was earlier this year and three of the dancers and the performance for yoga teachers. And we were talking about this, about how you can look in a mirror in the morning and be like, ugh, God, I'm a fat ass. Like nothing fits, I don't know what to wear. And you do one workout, you're like, dude, look at my arms. Oh my arms got swoll. And there's part of that, I think in Aaron talks, about this a lot, part of it is because your muscles do tighten. And so things do look a little bit different. But just witnessing what your body can do, changing your mindset, challenging yourself, it just shifts the entire perspective because really there might be a little bit of change in your body between before and after class, but not so much that. Not as much as what you think. It's all about what you think. Because you can go into Prana Pump and you're wearing the same clothes and you leave nothing. You have not lost 10 pounds. You've not really changed that much. But your perspective and your mindset has. And along the way your body does change of course.

Addie: And I always say, and my Prana Pump classes to let go. If you're here for a body image, let that go. You're here for yourself and what you need internally. And I try to tell them that, in order to get to that space, you do have to get uncomfortable, but it's not about that body image. And if we can just see our true potential, we can just allow ourselves to start.

Rebecca:  01:03:02     Yes, go right back to the beginning here.

Addie:      01:03:04     It's all full circle and give ourselves that space, that safe space to be like, okay, I'm going to show myself what I can do. It's amazing. And also too to be okay along the way at the bumps in the road. Exactly. You know, because some days you're like, well shit, that didn't work out. Some days I'm like, the yoga practice teaches a lot about this. Some days you can hop right on up into a handstand and some days you're like, I can't even touch my toes. So honoring where you are along the way. That in itself will change your mindset, not just exercise in your whole life. It's not about the body and image. That the body image is just like a side effect of feeling good on the inside. It's going to radiate. It's going to radiate, but you have to feel good on the inside first and you have to do that mental work. And I just love that. I think it's so powerful once you find yourself in that space. You're like, Damn. Wow.

Rebecca:  01:04:07     Okay, so what's the fifth and final one, yeah?

Addie:      01:04:09     The fifth and final one. I love this one. Okay. This is so important. Find your tribe.

Rebecca:  01:04:15     Oh my gosh. You're the second person to say this. So in the podcast that I just recorded with Dani yesterday for the Feeding the Wild Life course that I'm selling. That was one of her rules is to find your tribe.

Addie:      01:04:28     Find your tribe. So important, it doesn't matter if it's a yoga tribe, if it's a CrossFit tribe, if it's a cycling tribe, if it's a Jujitsu tribe, find your tribe. But make sure that it is one that is healthy for you and that has the same goals that you're trying to achieve in surrounding yourself with these people that have the same values as you, when it comes to being healthy.

Rebecca:  01:04:57     And the type of exercise you're doing. I don't mean this as a judgment at all. So people out there in the Pilates world, I am not judging you. We just don't always jive. We'v got two different things going on. Yoga and Pilates, there are some similarities, but sometimes I've tried to do Pilates classe,s and I don't get them and they get me. And we're going to stare at each other, like I don't know how to talk to you. Just no one's doing anything wrong or you know, but it's not my tribe. It's not my people. And so, I'm not excited about going back.

Addie:      01:05:31     Exactly. And it has to be somewhere you're excited to go and you have to be around those people that motivate you and get you excited about working out, like working on should be fun. You should be excited to go like see these people, hang out with these people and get inspired by them and have them push you, right to get uncomfortable. That's the whole point of it. And it doesn't matter if it's CrossFit or if it's yoga or if it's both.

Rebecca:  01:05:56     And that you can be vulnerable in front of. I mean, usually my tribe I would say is like a yoga tribe, if you will, or my pack or whatever you call it. And that group of people, if I fall out of a handstand, if I fall out of the crow pose, I'm not like, oh God, they probably think I'm so stupid. They're probably like, oh, not even paying attention, honestly. You know what I mean? They don't really, we just know what's going on and each other's practices. We've been practicing together so much, but if I go to something new, like I went to a barre class recently, I didn't know anyone. I didn't know what was going on. I just didn't feel really comfortable there.

Addie:      01:06:33     And you get that feeling and it's not a bad thing, It's just, who you are. So you find your tribe and those people, are going to lift you up. It's so important to surround yourself with positive people and people who aren't full of drama and people who, have healthy lifestyles. Than surrounding yourself with negativity or people who judge you or people who may be more about the body image aspect of it. Maybe it's not the right tribe. And again, nothing wrong with them. So find your tribe and I will tell you, my Prana Pump tribe, it's pretty awesome. The first time I saw a student run across the studio room and high five, another student after burpees, I was like, oh man, this is going somewhere because that's what it's all about. You have to lift each other up. And at the end of Prana Pump class, we all take our mats when we form a circle, in the center of the room and we talk to each other. It develops these really special relationships and that's what I want Prana Pump to be. I want Prana Pump to be like the Trader Joe's.

Rebecca:  01:08:02     Right, full circle.

Addie:      01:08:04     Trader Joe's versus the Food Lion, of the yoga HIT world. I want for people to come into class and feel special and have that experience where they're like, man, I just got uplifted.

Rebecca:  01:08:21     It's good if you are not with a group of people that you don't feel comfortable with, you're just not going to go back. And that's true. That's true for anything. If you go to work every day and you don't feel like you are a part of things, or if you don't feel uplifted and you feel beat down every day or less than, you're probably not going to last that job for the rest of your life. Or if you're in a relationship, that relationship is not going to work out. Or if you're trying to make it work, just leave. Just leave. Just leave. Just leave. But it's true, that's what I love so much about things with the body, is that the relationship we have with movement is the mirror image of the rest of our relationships. Mirror image.

Addie:      01:09:05     A beautiful way to say it. Yes, absolutely. Like I said, if you're, if you're feeling good on the inside, it's all, going to come out and it steeps it steeps, like tea. Like Trader Joe's, Moroccan Mint tea.

Rebecca:  01:09:22     So all right. That's all five. So just to recap, we had number one, yes. Let go of your self-limiting belief. Number two, you're never going to be ready. Just do it. Number three, set goals and don't base them on image or a number. Number four, get uncomfortable. Number five, find your tribe. Oh right. This is awesome. So I always like to wrap things up with things that have nothing to do with anything. But before we get into that first, if folks want to get in touch with you, if they want to practice with you, study with you, follow you, whatever. Not, I was going to say stalk, but don't stalk her. Just don't, not the best idea.

Addie:      01:10:05     No, I got three dogs and don't think...

Rebecca:  01:10:07     If they do want to get in touch with you, where can people find you?

Addie:      01:10:13     I am on the gram @aboutayogagirl, and @pranapump. And if you want to learn more about Prana Pump, you can go to www.pranapump.com. Which is really great. I'm hosting another teacher training. I'm so excited at Terra Sol Sanctuary.

Rebecca:  01:10:31     And that's in Wilmington, North Carolina. We have listeners now in over, oops, sorry guys. That was my phone. We have listeners now in over 40 countries. So yes, Australia and Sweden have been bringing it.

Addie: Hey Sweden, hey Australia!

Rebecca:  01:10:50     They are probably like God, these two. If they made it this far, they're probably like, fuck. But so if you're in another country or a different part of United States, if you land somehow in Wilmington, North Carolina, you can do a Prana Pump teacher training with Addie Joe. Or You could follow her on Instagram and learn more and you could host her at your studio in Australia. Cool. So we got Instagram @aboutayogagirl and @pranatpump and then www.pranapump.com, awesome. Cool. So Addie, Joe, I really hold in my heart that all of these things are true, but sometimes there's just stuff in life that's really fun. And if we get too obsessed with fitness or too obsessed with yoga or too obsessed with this and too obsessed with that, life's a real bum. So yes. What are you doing these days that you are loving? Like books, podcasts, TV, movies. What are you doing?

Addie:      01:11:49     All the things.

Rebecca:  01:11:51     So what are you watching on TV right now? I'm just laughing. This is why everyone gets really excited. I have all these people come on and they like talk about things are really important to them. And I'm, what are you watching on TV? And everyone gets really close to the microphone, because, they really want to talk about it.

Addie:      01:12:07     Let's get really serious. So my boyfriend, Taylor and I, we recently we got done with The OA.

Rebecca:  01:12:18     Oh, Jane and I talked about the OA on, on Dharma Drops. That show, is so good. Every episode, Taylor and I are both just jaw dropped.

Addie:      01:12:30     So into it. Aaron hated the ending. I love it. Oh, no spoilers! We won't tell you what happened. It's so good. We just got done actually last night with the third season of Stranger Things, which is good. I've had the Never-Ending Stories song stuck in my head.

Rebecca:  01:12:53     So funny you say that, because I woke up in the middle of the night, last night and I had that song stuck in my head.

Addie:      01:13:00     I was singing it the other morning and Aaron, got on YouTube and he looked up at this compilation of theme songs from the 80s. And it was just like moving through all these things from the 80s, maybe the 90s, too. But the Never-Ending Story was on there. And then, do you remember the old cartoon Gummy Bears? Did you watch that? You're a little younger than me, so I forgot all about the Gummy Bears and their theme song. Gummy bear bouncing here and there and everywhere. They are the gummy bears. I have been singing the goddamn gummy bear song, forever. I forgot all about the gummy bears cartoon.

Addie: You know, what song I get in my head sometimes?

Rebecca:  01:13:49     What's that?

Addie:      01:13:50     That's the most random, I don't know why I get this in my head, but the Gumby Song. And it'll randomly come in my head, and I'm like, how did this even arrive in my mind? Where did this even come from? Gumby. Gumby. He is here [laughing]. Sometimes, I don't know where stuff comes from. It's really weird. It's so weird. It's just stored back there.

Rebecca:  01:14:21     Okay. So Stranger Things, Gummy Bears, Gumby, Anything else that you're watching, listening to or loving these days?

Addie:      01:14:29     I'm obsessed with the great British Baking Show.

Rebecca:  01:14:31     Oh my gosh. I watched the Christmas one. It's so good. And there's this little British lady also, sorry UK. You've been bringing it too, but there's this sweet little British lady and she's like, “it’s snowing in the tent.” And I love her so much.

Addie: you know what I love about it is these like American cooking shows are so serious and dramatic. Like if they drop something, it's like the end of the world. People are like in tears and being yelled at and it's like the music and the lights. It's like, don, don, duahh. It's so dramatic, but this show, it's if somebody makes a mistake, they just laugh. It's so lighthearted.

Rebecca: Oh, I really liked the Christmas one. It's snowing in the tents.

Addie:      01:15:16     I haven't watched the Christmas one yet. I need to watch the Christmas one.

Rebecca:  01:15:19     It's July, it's Christmas in July. It's not as hot as it has been for those of you that don't live in Wilmington, North Carolina. We had a heat index of 111 degrees Fahrenheit, which I don't know what that means in Celsius, but just know it's really hot.

Addie:      01:15:39     It feels like Campbell soup. It's terrible. It's as sweat and thick and disgusting as Campbell soup too. I know. We live in a swamp. You can't like breathe. Speaking of the importance of breath, you can't.

Rebecca: Nope. So I've been watching, a lot of forensic files because you can watch the collections on Netflix. And there was one yesterday I watch where it took place in Raleigh, North Carolina, and she moved to Wilmington, North Carolina. So I was like, okay, haters and Aaron and I made a pact that if we ever want to leave each other, we're not going to kill each other.

Addie:      01:16:18     It's a good pact!

Rebecca:  01:16:20     I was like, I have no need to slip some arsenic in your drink. We're good. Let's just make a pact right now. Let's making it very clear. I'm not going to kill you. Addie Jo, any favorite books?

Addie:      01:16:32     Oh, well I might be a little bit biased.

Rebecca:  01:16:39     Oh, your boyfriend is a writer.

Addie:      01:16:42     That's right. Yeah, Taylor Brown. He writes like southern historical fiction and he's brilliant.

Rebecca:  01:16:49     Where can we find his books?

Addie:      01:16:50     Anywhere the books are sold and he is coming out with his next book. Actually, I'm like a total advertisement.

Rebecca:  01:16:58     That's okay, I'm only going to charge you $10,000 per minute to talk about this.

Addie:      01:17:07     He is coming out with his next book in March of next year and it's called Pride of Eden. And he actually just let me read it.

Rebecca:  01:17:17     Oh, so you have the scoop.

Addie:      01:17:20     I got the scoop.

Rebecca:  01:17:20     You don’t have to say in on the air.

Addie:      01:17:24     But it is so fantastic. It's based off a wildlife sanctuary.

Rebecca:  01:17:30     Oh, that's cool.

Addie:      01:17:31     And how these big cats, there are more big cats in captivity in Texas are in the actual wild.

Rebecca:  01:17:39     Yes, Aaron and I were talking about this recently.

Addie: What’s crazy and I am pretty sure it's North Carolina and South Carolina that don't have the law that says that you can't own big cat as a pet. So you can't have a raccoon, you can't have a squirrel, but you can have a tiger in North Carolina or something, which is very odd. But that means that these cats get out.

Rebecca: So there are two places in the world that I don't understand what the fuck is going on, Texas and Florida because they all have these crazy animals and I don't know why. I don't of it's like a thing, like a legal thing or laws or whatever, but everyone has a crazy animal there.

Addie   :    01:18:25     I don't know, but that's what his book is based on and what happens in this kind of a weird thing, I don't even know how to explain it. Where these big cats are roaming around like abandoned homes and like people's backyards and how odd it is. My dream and my nightmare. It's got like this dreamy, like nightmarish thing. Like here. but like don't eat me. Yeah, it's crazy. That's really cool. I really, I do really love his books.

Rebecca:  01:19:03     You're allowed to be biased when your boyfriend and author.

Addie:      01:19:06     Yeah, I think I am.

Rebecca:  01:19:07     I feel like, I read less these days than I have in recent years, but I'm really into listening to books. Because I am a little pressed for time these days but I like to listen to them. And I just listened to Oprah Winfrey's A Path Made Clear, which is good, but sometimes I don't know about all these people. It's really easy to talk about like someone she was interviewing that's in the book was like, you know, I just, I was really exhausted. I just had to like make this space for my spiritual path, which I don't disagree with, but, she basically quit her job and all this stuff. Easy to say when you've arrived at the point where you're on Oprah. If you are so like successful in your life that you're on Oprah. Sure, quit your job, go on your spiritual path. The rest of us are all just going to sit here and figure it out.

Addie:      01:19:56     You know, they wish we could get to that point.

Rebecca: I know it's not that I disagree with what she's saying, but she's coming from a place that a lot of people I think are like, I can't go live the Osram for six months right now. It's just not going to happen. But other than that, it's a pretty good book.

Addie:      01:20:13     Yeah. Oh, that's great. Yeah. I love books. I wish I had more time to read, but that's an excuse I could make more time. Right. I'm calling you out, AJ, AJ, hey, that's a no. That's Sasha.

Rebecca:  01:20:26     That is Sasha.

Addie: That's Sasha telling me you don't have enough time to read AJ. Well, you know what, Sasha? Watch me read today.

Rebecca:  01:20:35     Yeah, that's right. I really wish everyone could have just seen your body language, salty and sassy and everything all at one time.

Addie:      01:20:48     Probably a little bit of that sass to Sasha. She needs, she needs to be told.

Rebecca:  01:20:51     Yes, she does. Needs to be told! Vivian and Sasha. I don't know about these two. Okay. Anything else you want to share with the Dharma Drops audience?

Addie:      01:21:06     I can't think of anything unless there's anything else you want to add.

Rebecca:  01:21:10     No, I think we've covered a lot, an hour and 20 minutes. Damn. we did it. We did it. And we didn't talk about food that much, but my stomach's been growling.

Addie:      01:21:26     Oh my God. And it's so funny because I ate right before you came over. And then of course I'm already hungry.

Rebecca:  01:21:31     Me too. I'm pitta. I move through that food, man.

Addie:      01:21:34     I know, it just like disintegrates. I'm like, wait, didn't I just eat? How am I already hungry again? I know we've been talking for almost an hour now, right?

Rebecca: 01:21:37 So friends, thanks so much for listening to this episode of Dharma Drop podcast. If you want to learn more about things happening with Dharma Drops, you can head to Instagram @rebeccawarfieldyoga and @dharmadropspodcast and you can catch up with all my shenanigans at www.rebeccawarfield.com and www.dharmadropspodcast.com. As I mentioned before, they go to the same place so it doesn't matter which one you type in. Addie Joe thanks so much for being here.

Addie:    01:22:09     Thank you so much for having me.

Rebecca:  01:22:12     So much fun. All right guys. Bye.

Outro:  01:22:17     Hey, thanks for listening to this episode of Dharma Drops podcast. Don't forget to head over to Facebook and join the Dharma Drops Community page where we can hang out, share ideas, have fun, and just shoot the shit together. So head over to Facebook, search for Dharma Drops Community page and bada bing, bada boom, you're there on Instagram. You can find me at Rebecca Warfield Yoga and at Dermot Drops podcast, and of course you can always head over to my website, www.rebeccawarfield.com and www.dharmadropspodcast.com and check out all my shenanigans there, including you can register for the Feeding the Wildlife, two-week course on my site. Okay. Until we meet again next time. Bye. 

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