AJ’s Tea Bag Paintings: Part I

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AJ’s Teabag Paintings

The beginning of the journey.

Being an artist, sometimes you hit roadblocks.

Okay, let’s be honest, VERY often you hit roadblocks.

There are days when I’m so “on” my game that I’m busting out paintings left and right with celebratory booty shakes in between (cue “Diva” by Beyonce). Then, there are days when I can’t seem to create anything (cue cricket chirps). No matter how much watercolor paint I put on paper, it seems like I just can’t get past my block. Sometimes, it can even last weeks.

In the past, when I would find myself in a block, I’d keep trying to bust through it by creating the same work I usually do...Over time, I found this to be very counterproductive...Instead, why not try something new?

In the past, when I would find myself in a block, I’d keep trying to bust through it by creating the same work I usually do, which is emotional abstract watercolor portraits. Over time, I found this to be very counterproductive because it was the same medium and subject that gave me the block in the first place. Instead, why not try something new?

So, I started doing this new thing...painting on tea bags!

The idea arrived when I realized how many tea bags I throw away on a daily basis. I am an avid tea drinker. I adore black teas in the morning—the richer and earthier the better—and kava tea or ginger tea during the day to soothe my insides.

I thought, why not use the tea bags as a way to get out of my creativity block and play around with different mediums and subject matters?

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This idea opened my imagination in regards to what materials I could use for my work. For example, what if I used coffee as my “watercolor” medium? Cardboard boxes as my canvas? Jewelry trays? Paper bags from Trader Joe’s? After all, didn’t Picasso paint on cardboard?

Okay, I may be getting a little carried away...or am I? Either way, I am excited to see what this creative journey manifests and, along the way, I will giggle every time I say “tea bag.”

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About Addie Jo Bannerman

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Addie Jo is a yoga teacher, indoor cycling instructor, and artist based in Wilmington, NC. She is the creator of the trademarked style of yoga-inspired fitness called Prana Pump, which incorporates HIIT and weights into foundation yoga asana. Her artwork is emotional and energetic abstract watercolor portraits and figurative drawings. For Addie Jo, it’s hard to go through the day without creating something, whether it’s a painting, a yoga flow, or a new recipe! On her off-days, she loves cuddling with her three pups, listening to podcasts, creating new recipes, and riding her vintage Yamaha DT175 motorcycle. To keep up with Addie Jo, follow her on Instagram at @aboutayogagirl and @pranapump. And check out her art at _aj.grey_.