Celebs Who Do Yoga: Meghan Markle

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The Duchess of Sussex, a lifelong yogini

It’s the first of Dharma Drops’ ongoing series Celebs Who Do Yoga! And we are launching the inaugural article with the Duchess of Sussex herself—Meghan Markle.

Meghan Markle/Instagram

Meghan Markle/Instagram

Last month, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle visited a wintry Bristol—about 120 miles west of London. While visiting with a group of children from Abbeywood Tots Kindergarten, the expecting Duchess sparked up a conversation with a fellow yogini in the crowd.

“What kind of yoga do you do?” Meghan asked. “It works for the mind and body, it’s so key. A nice practice would be so fantastic right now.”

Meghan is no stranger to yoga. In fact, her mother, Doria Ragland, is a Los Angeles-based yoga teacher. In a May 2016 cover article in Best Health Magazine, Markle disclosed that she has been a life-long yoga practitioner: “Yoga is my thing. My mom is a yoga instructor, and I started doing mommy-and-me yoga with her when I was seven.”

However, like a lot of yogis, Markle came upon a moment of intransigence in her practice. Markle recalls, “'I was very resistant as a kid.”

Knowing that yoga always meets us where we are and is waiting for when we are ready, Markle’s yoga-teacher-mom said, “Flower, you will find your practice – just give it time.”

Markle continues, “In college, I started doing it more regularly.” (Ps. Click on the Best Health link because Meghan’s pictures are stunning).

At this moment in my life, I would define yoga as the balance between desiring more and being content with what is.
— Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex

What we love the most about Meghan is that she doesn’t practice asana solely for physical benefits. She mentions that she enjoys the auxiliary benefits of the practice: “There are so many benefits that come with the practice of yoga. A few benefits of vinyasa yoga include increased flexibility and muscle strength, greater happiness, increased mental focus, a greater ability to relax, decreased anxiety and better sleep.”

But more importantly, she notes that the yoga practice produces infinite possibilities while teaching us contentment or santosha, “At this moment in my life, I would define yoga as the balance between desiring more and being content with what is.”

According to People Magazine, the royal couple’s new home includes her own yoga studio.

Header photo credit: Meghan Markle/Instagram