Dharma Drops: A New Yoga (and Not Yoga) Podcast

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What is all this Dharma Drops Biz?

It’s a little bit about yoga, a little bit about life, a little bit about whatever.

For the last few weeks, on my Instagram and Facebook, I’ve been gearing up for the release of my first podcast, Dharma Drops. Maybe you’ve stopped to listen to the trailer. Or maybe you’ve kept scrolling. I get it. I’m a scroller, too. With everyone and their mother offering and selling everything on social media, I’m also in the habit of scrolling and swiping onto the next. But if you are here (which I’m thankful you are), you have at least noticed my posts for Dharma Drops. And you might be wondering what this new yoga podcast is all about. I’m here to tell you.

About a year ago, I needed a pair of dress pants for an event. I worked as an English instructor for many years up to this point, and I used to have a closet full of professional clothes. But as I was sorting through my wardrobe, I couldn’t find a single pair of pants that weren’t yoga pants. Literally. I had plenty of black yoga pants and “Moon, Stars, Magic” shirts. But nothing appropriate for a 36-year-old woman who needed to look grown and like she wasn’t going to a moon gathering, flower crown, crystal cleansing workshop. Hey, no judgement if you are in to that. That’s just not the look I can rock at an academic meeting.

Truly, in one sudden moment, the weight of reality began to sink in. As I sat crying on the floor, I looked around my house and noticed everything in my life had taken the shape of yoga. All of my books were about yoga. My art depicted yoga. My jewelry was nothing but malas and crystals. Gone was my favorite perfume, replaced with essential oils. Not only that, I hadn’t hung out with any of my non-yoga friends in more than a year. All of my recent trips and vacations had been yoga-related. Yoga had completely taken over my life. All of my energy, resources, and money were being funneled toward practicing and studying yoga. And more than feeling connected and as One, I realized I had isolated myself into a version and brand of yoga that doesn’t fit the realities of my life and who I am.

The concept of Dharma Drops was born of my need to get real with my yoga practice. To both cut the shit and get to the true root and purpose of the practice. But to also chill out and live my life like a regular person. On one hand, I was living in some contrived, corporate propagated brand of yoga that wasn’t honoring the teachings. And on the other, I felt as if the only way to be a yogi was to drink the proverbial Kool-Aid. Neither were working. And neither are true to the practice—at least not my interpretation of it.

And maybe that’s the heart of Dharma Drops. Interpretation. Stay with me for a second. I’m about to get all English teachery. The prefix “inter” means between. The etymology for the rest of the word is vague. But linguists suspect that it stems from “pres," which possibly traces back to the Ancient Greek word “phradē" or “understanding.” So one way to think about “interpretation” is “between understanding.”

My hope is that Dharma Drops offers conversation, ideas, and more that situate the listener in a place of “between understanding,” knowing that there is more than one way to live life both as a yogi and non-yogi. Sometimes this means we talk about yoga lineage. Sometimes this means we debunk the bullshit. Other times, this means we talk about about things that aren’t really about yoga. Because if we aren’t moving, expanding, contracting, breathing—living between understanding— then we aren’t experiencing the fullness of life. Dharma Drops will strike a balance between yoga, life, and whatever. Balance between being a yogi and a regular human. Balance between yoga and all the other fun, complicated, sad, exciting, boring, and simplistic things life has to offer.

But enough of the heady, esoteric stuff. Dharma Drops is recorded as 15-30 minute episodes. Long enough to spark thought, inquiry, and practice. But short enough to be digestible. Dharma Drops offers musing—not Truths—about yoga, life, and beyond. On this platform, we can honor the teachings, staying true to the lineage; while making sense of it in our modern, complex lives. Yup, after all that, I’m here to talk about yoga. But in ways that are informal and accessible and that balance the betweenness of life as a yogi and as a Plain Jane (or Joe) human.

I’m beyond excited to host Dharma Drops. It’s my first go-’round at podcasting, and, like all (ad)ventures, things evolve and change. I’m open to the possibilities of Dharma Drops. And I’m looking forward to developing this project with you! You can subscribe, rate, review, and share on Spotify, Stitcher, and Soundcloud. Stay tuned for iTunes availability.

As you listen to Dharma Drops, let me know if you have topic ideas or feedback. And if you are interested on being interviewed on the show, shoot me an email. You can reach me at rebecca@rebeccawarfield.com.