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Rebecca doesn’t hold back, and she is hilarious and wise. And this is not all about yoga...it’s about life.
— Gaby Merediz of Make Your Perfect


Episode 24

Episode 23

If you are looking for a podcast about living yoga in the real world, Dharma Drops is as real it gets.
— iTunes Listener

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The conversation is wonderful, relatable and more than I was anticipating.
— iTunes Listener

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Episode 12

It’s yoga with street smarts.
— Genevera M., Yoga teacher

Episode 11

Episode 10

Love her style and the energy she brings to the podcast. She keeps the content uplifting while staying real and approachable.”
— Kim + Kimberly, hosts of Reds, Whites, and Conversations Podcast

Episode 9

Episode 8

Episode 7

Real, honest, funny, and great tips!
— iTunes Listener

Surprise Episode + Announcement!

Episode 6

Episode 5

She’s the real deal and I’m glad I still get to learn from her in each of these episodes.
— Lindsey H., Former student + iTunes listener

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