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Yoga and English teacher Rebecca Warfield developed this site to enhance the lives and wellbeing of everyone—no matter where you are in your yogic journey (even if you aren’t on one). Whether you are here to listen to the podcast, take an online course for yoga teachers, read the blog—or maybe you just landed here by mistake—there is something for everyone, yogis and non-yogis alike. At Rebecca Warfield Yoga, there is no prescribed way to practice yoga. Yoga is designed to meet you where you are. As such, all I ask is that you just show up. The rest will work itself out. And, hopefully, along the way, you’ll have a damn good time.


The latest yoga podcast now available!

Episode 1 of Dharma Drops is now ready for your listening pleasure. Listen to the podcast trailer on SoundCloud, Spotify, and Stitcher. Let’s keep the conversation on the podcasts going. Please subscribe, rate, review, and share Dharma Drops.

Want to learn more about the origins and intentions of Dharma Drops? Check out my latest blog post.


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